Michael Jackson's glove and Hitler's book hit the auction block

It's an interesting week for celebrity memorabilia at auction.

Julien's Auctions of Los Angeles will be selling the rhinestone-covered glove Michael Jackson wore on the Motown 25 special in 1983 where he unveiled his Moonwalk while singing Billie Jean. Check out the video here. The glove was put up for sale by Walter "Clyde" Orange, a founding member of the Commodores, who was given the glove by Jackson backstage at the Motown special.

Apparently Jackson toured with The Commodores when he was performing with his brothers in the 1970s, and Mr. Orange frequently asked him for his autograph -- but Jackson refused, saying that Orange was a bigger star. When they met again at the Motown special, Orange jokingly asked him for his autograph and Jackson handed him the glove instead.

And here's the nice part. The Associated Press reports that "Orange said he hopes the glove will find a permanent home at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or a similar institution. And he's happy that proceeds from the sale will benefit MusiCares, an organization that helps musicians struggling with substance abuse."

In more sinister auction news, a signed pre-publication copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf will be hitting the auction block in London. Mullock's Auctioneers will also be selling a 1926 self-portrait of Hitler. The book, which is thought to have been given by Hitler to a fellow inmate when he was incarcerated in the 1920s, is expected to sell for around $41,500.

By contrast, Jackson's glove is estimated to sell for $40,000-$60,000, but seems like it could go for far more. It's seen as one of the most important pieces of Jackson memorabilia, and demand for his stuff is certainly strong. Jackson's estate has already earned over $100 million since his death. Hopefully the glove will sell for more than the creepy but similarly-valued Hitler book.

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