Keep kids off your back by sending money via text message


My daughter's only 5, but when she asks me for money so she can buy a toy, ice cream bar or whatever, my typical response is, "What do I look like, a bank?"

As students head back to school soon, the parents-as-ATMS method of buying things is going to increase. There are books, lunches, school supplies, tuition and many other things to buy for a child going to school. The constant nag to open your purse or wallet on the spot and pull out some cash can be annoying.

Here's an easier way to get nagged by your kids for money and to give it to them -- by text message on your cell phone.

Obopay claims to be the first service in the United States that enables people instantly get, send and spend money with a text message.

PayPal recently launched a similar service, so I'm not sure how unique the Obopay method is. But it is an interesting way to pay friends, family or your gardener.