I'll wear your logo for a buck

Jason Sadler
Jason Sadler

I recently wrote about pimping out your car with sponsor logos to make some cash. Innovator Jason Sadler has gone this one better, though, by offering to wear a sponsor's T-shirt for a day for $1.

Silly, you think? Consider that Sadler has sold out all of 2009 and is signing up customers for 2010, when he'll offer two shirts worn by two people in two time zones starting at $2 a day.

Sponsors also receive daily videos on YouTube and Ustream.tv, coverage on Flickr, Twitter, Sadler's blog, the calendar, and possibly a mention in the press coverage his program has gathered.

Why would Sadler offer this all for a buck? He's an aspiring novelist attempting to build an audience, and in that respect this idea is brilliant.

Another clever aspect is that Sadler will receive 365 free T-shirts a year, meaning laundry will be a breeze and he may be able to make a few bucks by reselling those he doesn't want to wear again.

This is all spookily reminiscent of a short story of mine published recently in "Fiction At Work." If Sadler's idea intrigues you, I invite you to read the story, "Assassin."

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