Free & Frugal Ways to Find Your Next Apartment

Save yourself time, effort, and money looking for your next apartment. Use these free tools before you sign the lease. You'll thank us.

Talk about convenience! No need to wander the interweb, all your apartment listings are right here, for free! Search by zip code and sort by type, price, and other variables.

Use the website to evaluate potential addresses. Simply punch in your proposed apartment location and the website will rate your location's walkable amenities on a scale of 1 to 100. You can immediately discover if you'll be located near grocery stores, coffee shops, parks, and other neighborhood perks.

Will you be paying a fair price for your apartment? Enter the address at and see how the price compares to its peers. If your rental is priced higher than most be sure you're getting extra value in return.

Here's a quick way to evaluate a potential apartment's nearby burrito joint without spending a dime. Just plug in your address at and your favorite cuisine. Read the reviews and consider if your possible neighborhood has some good options. Nothing beats a move-in treat like Chinese takeaway from around the corner.
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