Bargain Huntress: Joseph Joseph Colorful Cutting Board

When I moved into my new apartment in early July, it lacked personality. Its pale walls and white-tile floors gave off a ghastly air.

Since my money reservoir for the month of July was drying up and my birthday was just around the corner, I asked my friends to purchase colorful and inexpensive items for my apartment - from candles to table napkins- which doubled as birthday and housewarming gifts.

And so, to help me with my initiative of adding big bursts of color to my white mini-kitchen, a close friend of mine bought me a perfect (and wallet-friendly) birthday gift: the Colorful Rings Cutting board by Joseph Joseph, contemporary kitchenware designers based in the U.K.

The cutting board is available at the Museum of Modern Art online store and is priced at $28 for non-museum members and $25.20 for members.

Some may argue that $28 for a cutting board is expensive; however, due to its durability and interesting design, the cutting board makes a great serving tray for hors d'oeuvres and a funky piece of hypnotic art when set against a pasty white wall. Besides, how many of us can say we own an exclusive design from MoMA?

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