Active trading strategies help investors ride bull, tame bear

As this summer's bull market rally moves into August, analysts are debating whether the markets are ripe for a downward correction or are poised to continue their march higher on continued positive news from the Fed, corporate earnings and economic indicators. Equity markets have regained about 50 percent of their value since the March low-point of the market meltdown that began last year and people who lost fortunes are beginning to believe they may have a chance to get a good portion of their money back .

To help investors decide how to handle the uncertainty of the current markets, Charles Schwab (SCHW) convened a panel on active trading strategies Tuesday morning at the NASDAQ Marketsite in New York. With many investors still holding a great deal of their money in low-interest money market accounts, the panel agreed that much of that money should be heading back into the market soon on the fear that investors won't want to miss out on what's left of the current bull market run.