Top 10 iPhone apps for back to school


Mobile technology can be a huge help when navigating the ivory towers this fall so it's no surprise that there are plenty of iPhone apps that are perfect for college students.

MacWorld plowed through the thousands of tip calculators and fart apps to find those that will help you save money and stay on task at school this year.

The top 10 iPhone apps for back to school include:

  1. Google Mobile App

  2. Stanza

  3. Amazon Mobile

  4. Wordbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus

  5. Documents To Go

  6. Mobile calculators


  8. Pandora Radio

  9. myHomework

  10. iFlipr Flashcards

Jeff Phillips, the list compiler, provides an excellent rundown of what each application does and how it fits into your college life. Looking at all of the things that can be done on the iPhone for just a few dollars, it's hard to see how I made it through school without them. Most of the applications are free, with a few of the calculators costing a bit more.

The best part about these low priced apps is that most will save you money as well as make class easier. Stanza provides access to more than 50,000 free e-books including many popular college reading selections. Amazon Mobile makes it easy to price check your textbooks just like ShopSavvy for the Android.

Perhaps the most valuable applications are the mobile calculators and With the PI83 Mobile calculator you can replace a $100 TI 83 calculator with a $1 application. Finally, the app, as well as other personal finance tracking apps, is an easy way to track finances and avoid nasty overdraft fees.

If you already have an iPod Touch or iPhone you can't afford not to have these apps loaded on your phone this fall.