Radiohead stops selling albums


As album sales continue to decline, popular artists are clutching for survival with a more sustainable approach -- get rid of them!

Radiohead, a British alternative rock band, announced that they will no longer release full-length albums. The band will instead focus on the growing trend of downloadable singles.

The decision comes shortly after the band's online release of Harry Patch (In Memory of) as a tribute to the British WW II veteran who died in late July, and other shorter EPs, as an experiment into the digital-only world.

The Internet is pushing the music industry to innovate, but it's up to record companies to take the chance. One factor that is halting the rebirth of entertainment is the fear of stolen copy written material. Sure there are several safe havens like iTunes that allow record labels to get edgy, but is that enough?

For fellow Radiohead fans, or all music lovers in general, the death of the album may come as a shock. The point of an album is to form a collection of music under one theme that represents a moment or philosophy.

Is it possible for artists to tell a story in just one song? I don't think it's proper branding. Consumers still purchase entire albums on iTunes mainly because it has been heavily promoted.