KFC protests 'Sweaty Granny' similarity to Colonel, we giggle


A chain of fried chicken restaurants launched in 2007 in China, called Ji'a'po or, according to The Sun, "Sweaty Granny," have earned the nickname by Chinese onlookers as the "long-lost sister" of the KFC Colonel. The woman's navy blue, pink and white image appears on signs that are, indeed, the same shade of red as KFC's iconic signs; she too is shaded on the left, as if the light source is coming from the chain's name. She even has an identical Southern "welcome-home" smile as Colonel Sanders. Her glasses are the same style; her hair swoops up and to the left, like the Colonel's. Maybe she's a long lost sister? In the U.S., it's fairly certain Granny would have been fined and forced to change her looks.