How to claim what's yours from homeowners insurance

house repair
house repair

With summer storms upon us and hurricane season well underway, it's a good time to think about the homeowner's insurance coverage you have and what you might need to do should you ever need it. Insurance coverage is a financial necessity should a major disaster hit, but damage caused by many smaller weather events could also trigger a claim.

For example, on my home improvement radio show, I'll frequently get calls from listeners who had a stiff storm role though and needed help fix a skylight that now leaks. If it didn't leak before the storm, my advice is to always turn towards the insurance coverage you have, as weather damage is covered.

Filing a homeowner's insurance claim however, is never a pleasant process. And frankly, I'm one who believes that all too often insurance companies design a certain level of aggravation into the process hoping to wear you down. But while you may hope you'll never need to call upon the coverage of your homeowners insurance policy, in the event that you do it is important to properly file your claim.