Tech media turns on Apple: Will iPhone, Mac suffer?


In a heavily commented post on his blog, TechCrunch, uber blogger Michael Arrington updated the world on how he ditched his iPhone and ported his cell phone number to become a GoogleVoice number. His rationale? He was sick of AT&T's (T) bad coverage and sick of Apple's (AAPL) heavy-handed restrictions on iPhone apps. Earlier this weekend, Jason Calacanis, founder (and also former CEO of Weblogs Inc., which AOL purchased), wrote a strong anti-Apple manifesto on his semi-regular email newsletter. The newsletter reaches thousands of techno-fiends who follow Calacanis avidly.

Add to them GigaOm founder Om Malik, who ditched his iPhone last February and The New York Times' David Pogue, a true Apple lover, and we seem to have a budding rebellion among elite tech journalists against Apple. That's very bad news for Steve Jobs and company.