Survival Guide for College Apartment Housemates

No resident adviser! No curfews! No rules, right?!

Getting your first college apartment is tons of fun. However, if you plan on having a housemate you'd be wise to do the following:

DO establish who will bring what when it comes to furniture and appliances.

DO discuss who will get which bedroom (and bathroom, if more than one). Most people agree that if one room is larger or attached to a private bathroom this housemate should pay more.

DO get to know your housemate. You don't have to become BFF. But, spending time to get to know your housemate will go a long way towards understanding their perspective.

DO exchange emergency contact info. You aren't his or her mother, and your housemate isn't responsible for your behavior, either. But it's good to exchange important phone numbers and email addresses.

DO discuss your personal preferences and expectations about cleanliness, guests, and other "house rules" immediately.

DO respect your housemate's opinions, even if you don't agree with them. If you do, your new housemate is more likely to do the same for you in return.

DO resolve conflicts early. Giving someone the silent treatment is a waste of time and unlikely to change the offending behavior. Practice speaking up in a non-confrontational way.

DO practice flexibility. You can't expect to immediately adjust to living in an apartment with a new person immediately. Likewise, give your new housemate time to get used to you and your habits, too.

DO have fun!

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