Where to Rent an Apartment?

sidewalk graffitiThe question, "where to rent an apartment?" may sound easy at first. You probably have specific tastes concerning the neighborhood, the type of building, or the amenities. You may have even considered the sacrifices required to live in a certain location.

Here are some additional things to ask yourself as you evaluate an apartment:

How Walkable is Your Apartment?
Compare similar apartments by typing the addresses into WalkScore.com. You will discover how many nearby places you can commute to on foot. For every place you can walk you can save transportation money and stay healthier, too.

How Safe is Your Apartment?

You can find crime statistics of a particular city or neighborhood by plugging in your target zip code at CrimeReports.com. Remember: some places are unfairly pegged as dangerous and vice-versa. Any location can attract crime. Protect yourself by choosing an apartment with safety features inside your apartment as well as on the property itself. If these precautions are not maintained to working standard, move.

How Green is Your Apartment?
If you are comparing similar apartments and can't make up your mind, choose the location with the best green practices. You could evaluate on any number of criteria: insulation, age of appliances, or potential for interior pollution (carpet versus hardwood floors, use of low-VOC paint versus regular paint, for example). Ask for details and verify.

What other factors would you recommend others consider when they choose where to rent an apartment? Please share your comments here.
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