The nanny inventor of Ava the Elephant tells us how she charmed the Sharks


This morning, WalletPop's Jason Cochran snagged a video interview with Tiffany Krumins, the nanny from Auburn, Georgia, whose non-threatening medicine applicator Emmy the Elephant (now called Ava the Elephant) was snapped up by real estate magnate Barbara Corcoran.

How did a young nanny with no business training manage to seduce real estate magnate into investing $50,000 of her own money in her hand-made idea? And what does an elaborate Frankenstein costume have to do with it?

A lot has happened since Krumins braved the Sharks -- including a medical crisis, not revealed on the ABC show, that makes her success story even more inspiring. Head over to our AfterShark page for the interview and for all of our previous coverage of what's been happening on the venture capitalist nail-biter Shark Tank.,feedConfig,entry&id=572121&pid=572120&uts=1250003806

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