College Snuggie, NFL Huddler hitting stadiums near you


There's no doubt that Snuggies are a hot product; you can even get one for your dog these days. Snuggies are so popular that they've inspired another company to roll out a whole new set of blankets with arms; most notably the new NFL themed knockoff Snuggie that lets you concentrate on cheering your team to victory instead of dealing with the complexities of blanket use!

The Huddler, which made its world debut over the weekend, is available in youth and adult sizes exclusively from the Home Shopping network for $14.95 and $17.95 respectively.

From the Product description:

"This cozy fleece throw features built-in sleeves so you can stay warm underneath it while keeping your hands free to wave signs and banners, eat a snack or work the TV remote. It comes in your team's colors and is decorated with their name and helmet design, leaving no doubt about which team you support."

If you want to see the Huddler in action at the world's creepiest tailgate party, you can watch a recording of the Huddler's first appearance on the Home Shopping Network. In an effort to cram all 32 NFL team Huddlers into one video it looks like they may have committed a major football faux pas. I mean really, have you ever seen a Jets fan sit next to a Patriots fan without it coming to fisticuffs? Especially after SpyGate!

The NFL not doing it for you? Rather stick with a purer football experience, from the official Snuggie company? Then this fall will be an exciting time for you.

The makers of the official Snuggie have inked a deal that will fill more than 200 college stadiums with officially licensed college Snuggies. When the $19.95 Snuggie hits the market in a few months, you'll find it in campus bookstores, on TV and even drugstores.

What does this all mean for America? Well for one thing, expect to see a resurgence of Snuggie pub crawls in college towns nationwide. It's also possible that other sports can expect to get the hands free blanket experience in the near future.

Perhaps the next sport to get a Snuggie will be NASCAR; heck, they could probably give a NASCAR Snuggie away for free if they included all of the driver's current advertisers on it.