Bankruptcy looming for volatile super chef Gordon Ramsay?


Most of you already know a bit about British chef Gordon Ramsay. The famously foul-mouthed kitchen rock star is omnipresent on cable TV. His shows, "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares" essentially feature Ramsay telling off kitchen and restaurant staffs in profane terms under the guise of helping them improve their cooking and operations. These days, Ramsay is having his own kitchen nightmares, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Ramsay has been forced to cede control of three of his restaurant locations and his bankers have recommended that he file for Chapter 11. Always a stickler for high-quality ingredients and fine preparations, Ramsay has altered menus at his global chain of high-end eateries to eschew caviar and high-end cuts of meat in favor of less juicy and less costly menus featuring humble flank steak and cast-off fish such as fluke.