How to Get Andy Warhol's "Michael Jackson" for a Tiny Price

In 1984, Andy Warhol painted Michael Jackson. When MJ was still alive, the painting - depicting him grinning in his red military jacket from the "Thriller" album - sold in May to an unidentified collector for less than $300,000. Then, the King of Pop died and the painting went up for grabs at a silent auction at Vered Gallery in East Hampton and was estimated to fetch anywhere from $1 to $10 million.

Well, a humble blogger's salary won't afford me Andy Warhol's portrait of MJ, but I am a big fan of both. So what did I do? I scouted eBay, my favorite site for all things unattainable, and I found a way to have the "rare" Michael Jackson print hanging on my naked living room wall before the auction ends August 18.

Posters4UrWall, a seller of reproduced art with rave reviews on eBay, is selling a mini poster of Warhol's MJ painting (right) for a mere $4.99. Granted, the background is a scanner-quality aqua blue and the faded Andy Warhol signature in the lower left corner is questionable, but hey, if you don't mind a (most likely unauthorized) reproduction, here's your chance to have one. You'll get an 11"x17" decent quality poster for 5 bucks! Purchase a pretty frame and hang it up as a focal point on your wall. It'll become an instant attention-grabber!

If you have more money to spend, fake a Warhol with a near-perfect copy of the King of Pop Art's original (left), selling on eBay with a starting bid of $2,950. Pricey, but manageable, especially if you're an art collector. Charles Lutz, the mastermind behind the painting, created the copy in 2007 for his Denial and Acceptance series, which explores "issues of authorship, originality, authenticity, as well as art commerce," according to the Warhol Denied Web site. Lutz is famous for taking his seemingly-exact copies of Andy Warhol originals to be rejected at The Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board, questioning what an "authentic" Warhol painting looks like. Apparently, this MJ painting even has the "DENIED" stamp on the back.

Not that stoked about Andy Warhol's "Michael Jackson?" How about "Marilyn Jackson," or as the Australian quirky art retailer, MouseMonkey, dubbed it: "Marilyn Michael?" For $100 AU ($83.55 U.S.), you can obtain a 27"x19" Warhol-inspired mélange of two of America's biggest culture icons. (You'll just have to fork over about $30 U.S. for international shipping, but this offbeat conversation-starter might be worth it!)

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