Web site helps you find product online, but buy it locally


For people who don't like to wander around a mall and shop -- and I realize I'm probably talking to mostly men -- shopping online is perfect.

No stores with salespeople asking you what you're looking for when you don't even know yourself. No driving or parking hassles or gas to buy. No crowds. And it's easy to compare prices online.

The downside is not having your purchase in your hands immediately. Even with overnight shipping, no one wants to wait for the nifty, must-have gadget or have to wonder if the shirt they bought will fit correctly.

Now comes a Web site that combines the best of both worlds -- browsing for the best deal online, and picking it up at your local store for instant gratification.

MIlo.com saves shoppers time and money by letting them compare local store prices at home. With more than 1 million products in more than 27,000 stores, Milo users can find products from cameras to books to clothes, and read reviews and compare prices before going to the store to buy them. Milo also lists if the product is in stock, so you won't go away empty handed when you arrive.