Mid-sized cars pricey to fix after crashes


Seems like drivers today just can't win.

We've been shamed out of our gas-guzzling Hummers, browbeaten for driving SUVs that flip over if a tire blows and resigned ourselves to sturdy, sensible sedans.

Now, a new study from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety uncovered some troubling statistics. Those cars you thought were so economically sound in terms of gas mileage and insurance costs compared to their hulking brethren have one huge Achilles' Heel when it comes to their fiscal fitness: They're very expensive to repair if you get into an accident with them, even if it's only a light tap at literally a few miles per hour.

The average amount the Institute found repairs for damage sustained in a low-speed crash was $871. Think that's rough for a little fender-bender? Think again; it also found that prices could climb to nearly $3,000 -- an eye-popping amount -- on some models.