Diary: Jojo's Fashion Show


Laurent announced on Twitter that yesterday's game of the day would be Jojo's Fashion Show -- since I'd never played the game before, I thought it would be the perfect chance to try it out (although to be honest, any chance to play games is one I'll jump at).

So how did I do on my first day as a fashion designer directing a runway show? Not bad considering it took me a few rounds to understand how to play (no one reads instructions anyways, right?). At first I was sending my poor Winter models out with tanks and skirts while my Summer models were left sweating in long pants and jackets.

But before long, I was mixing and matching cute outfits for my girls, earning major points for choosing appropriate pieces according to each one's style (later categories included Racy, Modest, Western, Bridal, etc) without letting it hamper my own creativity in how I wanted each model to look.

After a few more rounds, I started paying attention to other features of the game, such as the 'Signature Style.' Each show has three signature styles that you can try to match -- they are displayed on the very far left. If you can manage to style a model with all three pieces of a Signature outfit, you'll get bonus points. It definitely made the game more challenging, especially since you only have a rack of up to thirteen pieces at a time to work with.

My one frustration with Jojo's Fashion show is that it's often pretty hard to tell what a pair of shoes actually looks like -- they're tiny on the game screen! Unless I remembered what it looked like from previous rounds, I had to guess whether a particular pair was open-toed, had heels, etc. It was even more difficult trying to match the Signature Style shoes. Since each item is 'tagged' with certain attributes that you see when the model is actually judged, it might've been helpful to be able to see those keywords before dressing her.

This snobby guy on the right showed up whenever my outfits were completely wrong. Hey, what about creative license??

Overall, I had a great time with the game. For the most part it's accessible, easy to learn and addicting -- just be careful for your eyesights' sake that you're not leaning in too close to the screen to look at each item.

Any of our readers playing Jojo's Fashion Show? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And if you haven't tried it out... now's your chance, too.

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