Dream job: Get paid $50,000 to travel the country


On the footsteps of well-publicized and well-paying job hunts to live on the Great Barrier Reef for $150,000 and blog about wine from Napa Valley for $60,000, comes the latest job recruiting extravaganza: travel the United States for 15 weeks and get paid $50,000 (plus health insurance and travel expenses!) to do so.

is looking for someone to explore all the attractions the United States has to offer, write a blog about his/her experiences and be filmed as the host of travel webisodes.

The ideal candidate is over 18, can legally work in the U.S., and is "creative, inspired, visionary, independent, outgoing" and all the other usual adjectives fit for a media-savvy tour guide.

Speaking of media, you must be "experienced with social media," so YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and podcast pros have an edge.

This is no joke and it's not a random contest, says The BigTrip founder, a Detroit-based ad firm called Couture Abro Group.

There will be a multi-step recruitment and interview process. The job search is the focus of a big ad campaign to increase tourism awareness in the United States.

So if you think you're the one to show the world how worthy America is as a place to vacation, start preparing your pitch now -- video resumes must be turned in by Nov. 1, and the job starts in spring 2010.