Dallas Cowboy stadium pizza 'only' $60, not $90 as reported -- what a bargain


A story circulating in the press Wednesday claimed that pizza in the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium will cost $90. However, later reports confirmed it will cost only $60, the same price as it was in the old stadium. That's a relief.

Wait a minute: $60 for a pizza? For $60, I'd expect Tony Romo to throw it to me on a fade route. I'd expect a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader to share it with me.

But apparently, those athletes on the field depend on pizza money for their salaries. If you haven't attended a pro or quasi-pro (Ohio State football) game lately, you're in for a culinary shock.

New Yankee stadium has already become famous for the $850,000 suites, and food isn't a bargain either in the "house that replaced the house that Ruth built." A single patty burger goes for $9, Philly cheese steak for $10.75, large garlic fries $8, hot dogs for $5.50 and up.

Yet, for all the cost, these stadiums can't match the food at the minor league baseball home of the Gateway Grizzlies, near Chicago. Each year, the Grizzlies unveil a new treat.

In 2007, its deep-fried White Castles were a hit. It's Best Burger is a cheeseburger between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It's toasted ravioli would go great with one of its own beers brewed nearby by O'Fallon Brewery. Also on the menu is The World's Best Hot Dog (so it says), made with black angus beef, bacon, onions and cheese sauce.For only $4 -- take that, Dallas!

I suppose fans who can afford tickets to NFL and Major League Baseball games can afford to pay haute cuisine prices for street food. However, I'd be happy with a box of Cracker Jacks ($4.75 at Yankee Stadium). And I don't care if I ever come back.