CPSC's most wanted list: 10 of the most dangerous recalled children's products


If you own any children's products or are going to buy some second-hand, this is a list that could help save a life. All have been recalled because they have put kids in peril -- with design flaws or defects that risk burns, broken bones and even death, especially drop-side crib recalls.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued it's "Most Wanted" list -- the 10 children's products the safety agency already has recalled but fears are still being used and resold. Some have been off the market for more than a decade.

The products are blamed for more than two dozen deaths collectively and officials are concerned that even though they are no longer carried new at stores, they remain in homes and daycare centers nationwide and can be purchased second-hand.

These are the 10 products:

  • Playskool Travel-Lite Play Yards -- They can collapse and entrap an infant. Blamed for three deaths. Recalled in 1993.

  • Evenflo Happy Camper Play Yards -- Can collapse and entrap an infant. Blamed in three deaths. Recalled in 1997.

  • Baby Trend Home and Roam and Baby Express Portable Cribs and Play Yards -- Can collapse and entrap an infant. Blamed in one death. Recalled in 1995 and again in 2001 and 2003.

  • Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets -- Tiny magnets can come loose and be swallowed. When more than one is swallowed the magnets attract each other and can cause serious intestinal problems. Blamed for one death and 27 serious injuries. Recalled in 2006 and 2007.

  • Easy Bake Ovens -- Children get reach their hands into front of the oven and get caught inside and burned. Entrapment and burn hazards. Hundreds of incidents were reported, including 77 children suffering burns. Recalled in 2007.

  • Polly Pocket Dolls with Magnets: Small magnets can come loose and be swallowed. Blamed for three serious injuries. Recalled in 2007.

  • Simplicity Drop Side Cribs -- The drop side can detach, creating a gap that can entrap an infant. Blamed in at least 10 deaths. Recalled in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

  • Simplicity Bassinets (including Graco or Winnie the Pooh motif) -- Flap can come loose, allowing an infant to slip out and get trapped and suffocate. Blamed in at least three deaths. Recalled in 2008.

  • Hill Sportswear hooded drawstring sweatshirts -- Drawstrings from the hood can cause strangulation. Blamed in one death. Recalled in 2009.

  • Evenflo Envision High Chairs -- Fasteners that hold the high chair together can come loose, causing the seat to detach or recline unexpectedly. Blamed for more than 50 injuries in over 320 incidents. Recalled in 2009.