Want to talk to God? There's an app for that

iphone church
iphone church

Want to talk to God? There's an app for that. Several churches are now streaming their services over the iPhone. I'm uncertain whether there's also a companion app collection plate.

Among these churches is the Christian Northland, A Church Distributed, which also streams its service on 3G networks and via Wi-Fi to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The church, based in Orlando, Fla. has been webcasting its services since early 2006. In 2008, it added interactivity, allowing e-worshippers to communicate real time with the minister and chat with others in virtual attendance.

The church claims that around 2,000 people regularly worship over the Internet or telephone with them each week.

This is a logical step in the evolution of the church in our country since the mid-1950s, when frequent, long services at which one was expected to dress formally were typical. Many churchgoers now dress like they're going to a barbecue, services are pared to the essentials, and offered on a customer-friendly schedule.

The advent of drive-in churches and drive-through funeral viewings set an early standard for comfort and convenience. The iPhone pretty much wraps up that evolution, allowing one to worship while lounging in the hot tub. And no, that doesn't count as a baptism.