Unpack your mouse ears. Orlando's $25k professional tourist slots have been filled

Orlando contest winners
Orlando contest winners

The unemployment rate has just eased by two jobs. America's tourism Mecca, Orlando, has just wrapped up its big "67 Days of Smiles" promotion, which I wrote about in June. Anxious to pump up some seriously flagging attendance, it offered a $25,000 paid position to an Amazing Race-style team of two who will explore the attractions of Central Florida while documenting their experiences online.

The lucky (and no longer jobless) winners are Kyle Post and Stacey Doornbos, two childhood friends from Holland, Michigan, who live in New York City. Doornbos works with children in Harlem, while Post (like The Amazing Race winner Nick Spangler), works as a Broadway musical actor. He, amusingly, was recently in that modern classic about deprivation and homelessness, Rent.

But until October, their meals, housing, rental car, and tickets will be paid for. They'll also get cell phones and cameras, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a blog, the better to repay their new bosses with lots of publicity. Their biggest challenge will be keeping their cookies down while they endure the than 618 rides in the area at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and many smaller attractions.