The Shack is still a shack

Radio Shack
Radio Shack

What's that Shakespeare said about a rose by any other name? It would still smell as sweet. Well, that seems to be what RadioShack is hoping will happen with it's rebranding campaign. But will The Shack live up to Shakespeare's promise or will it just stink?

The press release says it all, right in the headline:

RadioShack Invites Consumers to Rediscover 'THE SHACK' Through New Brand Creative Platform. Integrated Media Campaign to Contemporize the Brand and Reinforce RadioShack's Authority in Innovative Products, Leading Brands and Knowledgeable Associates

I'm always suspicious of retailers that mess with a legacy name and brand. RadioShack has been around since 1921, and was bought by Tandy Corp. in 1963. In 2000, Tandy changed its corporate title to RadioShack, because it offered the most recognizable public face to the company. By all means, squander that now.

Of course RadioShack is trying to be relevant in a big-box dominated marketplace. There's been a turnaround in progress for a few years now, mostly focused on cost cutting. New merchandising initiatives are trying to reassert the retailer's leadership position in portable electronics and mobile phones.

But what kind of message does "The Shack" send to customers? How many old school retailers have tried to reinvent themselves by letting go of their most recognizable parts? What's in a name? A lot actually. I wonder how long it will take The Shack to find that out.