Off the beaten path: Afar, a new travel magazine, launches


Anyone prepared to launch a print magazine in 2009 is almost by definition bound to be an adventuresome type. So it makes sense that Afar, one of the relatively few new titles introduced this year, is by, and for, the kind of travelers who aren't content to follow the usual Fodor's recommendations.

Though it's not a huge launch -- its initial circulation will be only 50,000 -- Afar is receiving substantial advertiser support (36 advertisers bought into the premiere issue, on newsstands next week), and it's sure to be closely watched as an indicator of whether independent, niche print publications can still find an audience. I spoke with Afar's co-founder, Greg Sullivan.

DAILYFINANCE: How often do people tell you you're insane for starting a print magazine?

GREG SULLIVAN: Every time I tell them what I'm doing, that's for sure. If they don't say it with their mouth, they say it with their eyes. That's the most scary.