Four Ways You Can Have More Fun on Right Now


We know you love playing your Poker, Bubble Town and Icebreakers, but we bet you'll have even more fun by taking advantage of these features.

1. Chat In-Game

Every game on has a chat room built right into the game window -- from there you can talk to your fellow players about the game, ask for tips if you're stuck, give newbies to the game advice, or just chat. Who says we have to play games alone?

To chat, you have to sign into with your screenname and password. Don't have one? Get one for the low price of FREE! And then come back and enjoy interacting with players like you.

2. Add your favorites

Here's another benefit to signing into with your screenname -- you'll be able to save all of your favorite games for easy access straight from the right-hand sidebar!

To add games to this list, go to the game page (before you click 'Play') of your favorite game and click the HEART icon below the Game Info section. The game will immediately be added to your list of favorites, which means fewer clicks between you and your game the next time you come back to

And on the off chance you don't want to keep a game in your favorites list anymore, you can simply click the 'X' box right next to the game name in the list to remove it (but you should let us know why you stopped liking it!).

3. Install the Toolbar

Why just bookmark in your browser? If you're using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Flock browsers, you can install our toolbar, which lets you access the newest games, all game genres, and the most popular games without ever typing in "" Best of all - it's easy, free and customizable!

4. Try a New Game!

Show of hands -- how many different games have you played on our site? Two, three? Just one? We bet there's a free, great, addicting game on our site that you've never tried before.

Crazy Go Nuts
-- a simple, silly game where you shoot a squirrel out of a cannon (yup, you read that right) to collect nuts for the winter.

Jojo's Fashion Show -- a style game where you are in charge of the runway, choosing tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories for your lineup of cute models.

Burger Shop -- you have control over an alien machine that spits out burger parts which you assemble and serve to your customers.