eBay responds to critics: Q&A with exec Todd Lutwak


When I wrote a piece last week about the impact of a number of rule changes in eBay's (EBAY) seller program, many commenters weighed in against eBay. The article asked whether eBay's core of collectibles sellers would be hurt by the new system.

Online, in our comments and via Twitter retweets, many eBay sellers voiced their ire. eBay contacted me to respond to both the comments and the article. So in the interest of being a fair and balanced news site, here's an edited transcript of a Q&A with Todd Lutwak, eBay's Senior Director of Seller Development.

DailyFinance: So could you explain a little bit more about the changes that just took hold?

Todd Lutwak: All the changes are aligned behind the notion of rewarding sellers for creating great buyer experiences. We came up with a new formula to reward seller who are creating great experiences.