NFL has an official toilet paper?


If there's one thing the burly, fierce-hitting warriors of the National Football League can give we mortals good advice about, it's....toiletries? Apparently Proctor & Gamble believes we'll eagerly buy the shampoo used in the Pittsburgh Steeler's locker room, the soap on the washstand at Lambeau Field, and the toilet paper in the team's toilet stalls at Arrowhead Stadium. Heck, I figured those guys were so tough they'd use steel wool.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) referenced an inside source who priced P&G 's price for the sponsorship of NFL locker room toiletries at $10 million per year or more. The company's products include Old Spice deodorants and cologne, Crest tooth care, Gillette skin care, Charmin toilet paper, Clairol hair color, Braun razors, Pur water filters, and Pepto-Bismol.

The company has not officially announced the deal, or what products will be included. For the sake of my Cleveland Browns, I hope it includes Pepto- if they play as poorly as they did in 2008, they'll need it by the keg.