Media World: CNN circles the wagons around Lou Dobbs


CNN is rushing to the defense of commentator Lou Dobbs.

The award-winning commentator has joined the internet-fueled debate over whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Never mind that there is a birth certificate stating he was born in Hawaii in 1961 and that no plausible evidence has been produced showing otherwise, or that other Obama birth certificates have been shown to be forgeries.

Dobbs, who has been with CNN since it was launched in 1980 except for a brief period he left following a row with management, is undaunted. He has contravened the efforts of CNN President Jon Klein, who called the story "dead," and continued to discuss the claims of the birthers. Now, the corporate brass appears to be backing Dobbs as it tries to block commercials critical of his support of the birthers. In a statement, CNN indicated that it has the right to defend itself against an "attack" on the network and its employee on commercials airing on its network. That's normal practice in the cable industry, said Christa Robinson, a CNN spokesman.