Introducing The Kitchen Magician

With a different reality TV cooking competition on the boob tube seemingly every night of the week (see: Bravo's Top Chef, Food Network's TheNext Food Network Star, Fox's Hell's Kitchen, and so on), we average home cooks are left head-scratching over how (and why!) to recreate a sous vide, sabayon, or molecular gastronomy feat in our apartment kitchens.

Why bother?!

With a little ingenuity, a handful of quality ingredients, and a simply stocked kitchen, it's easy to turn out an impressive and delicious meal without a culinary degree (nor an immersion circulator, whatever that is).

The Kitchen Magician will regularly scour the interwebs, assorted cookbooks, magazines, and even mom's recipe file, to bring you the tastiest, most effortlessly impressive recipes out there. Because great food should be accessible to everyone - even reality TV junkies.

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