Creationist theme park shut down for denying Caesar what is his


In the Beginning, there was the tax man. And no matter your religious beliefs, if you don't heed that bit of teaching, the end will come soon.

That's the hard lesson learned by the owner of Dinosaur Adventure Land, a Creationism-themed play park in Pensacola, Florida. Last week, a federal judge released an order that paves the way for the park, and all the properties owned by Kent Hovind, to be sold off to pay back the $430,400 he owes in employee taxes.

Why didn't Hovind pay those taxes? He says it's because he's employed by God, not the state, so his "ministers" -- the guys assigned to shepherd guests from exhibit to exhibit -- shouldn't be subject to payroll taxes. His standoff lasted for 17 years, as Hovind quickly transferred his money from one account to another to hide his true holdings from the government, before the law finally caught up with him.

Hovind was found guilty in November 2006 of failing to pay federal taxes and for making threats against the investigators who came to find out why. Now, instead of running his park and his "ministry," Creation Science Evangelism, he's in the pen. His wife Jo was tossed in the slammer, too, for helping him out.

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