Unemployed woman sues college for tuition


Twenty-seven-year old Trina Thompson graduated from Monroe College in the Bronx and now she's having trouble finding a job with her information technology degree.

Her solution? Sue the school, of course!

That's right. She graduated in April and apparently the market's been so tough she hasn't been able to find a good job in three months. She wants the $70,000 she spent on tuition back.

She actually might have a case: If she's dumb enough to think that a college degree entitles her to a job, then she clearly didn't get much out of college -- unless she was in a vegetative state prior to enrollment, in which case you might say it's all relative.

The school told the Associated Press that the suit is wholly without merit which, of course, it is.

The takeaway for students and recent grads is this: Recognize that your degree does not guarantee you a job at Starbucks, let alone a full-time career in the field of your choice and in this economy, a rising number of graduates are finding that out the hard way.