Singles Serving: Small-Scale Meals

Back in my single days, I shared a beautiful circa-1930's apartment with a college friend. An unfortunate mix-up with the city utilities department left us with no gas service for the final 6 months of our lease – which meant no hot showers, but even worse, no working stove/oven.

So I sucked it up, bought an extra roll of aluminum foil, and taught myself how to turn out delicious meals from my toaster oven. And you know what?
It's a method I still use even now that I've been back in the gas company's good graces for almost a decade.

The toaster oven is the perfect vehicle for cooking a meal for one or two people. In addition to keeping the kitchen cool and pre-heating infinitely faster than a full size oven, I simply find that some things just turn out better when cooked in the cozy confines of a toaster.

As an added bonus, a typical toaster oven uses just 1/10 of the electricity required to run its full-size counterpart, so you can save the environment and a bit of money, to boot.

Stay tuned for my recipe column – Singles Serving – to learn the tricks of the toaster, and how to live large by living small.
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