Queen asks 'What caused recession?' and gets answers

When Queen Elizabeth II of England asks a question, she gets answers.

During a visit to the London School of Economics in November, the queen asked "How come nobody could forsee it? -- meaning Britain's recession.

Her Majesty got her answer, although it seems a tad late, in a three-page letter from three economists who blame the recession on the "failure of the collective imagination of many bright people," according to The Guardian, which is getting some creative answers from readers after asking them to answer the queen's question in three sentences.

But before we get into what responses readers have, here's more of what the economists told her:

"Everyone seemed to be doing their own job properly on its own merit. And according to standard measures of success, they were often doing it well. The failure was to see how collectively this added up to a series of interconnected imbalances over which no single authority had jurisdiction."