Domino's adds chocolate cake, offers free samples

Domino'sAmerican pizza lovers are used to a dessert menu of pizza dough all sugared up, but Domino's thinks there's a market for more conventional, rich and gooey delivery treats.

Today it is adding Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes to its menu, real oven-baked cakes with a gooey chocolate fudged center, served warm.

The company is offering a free cake with an order of its BreadBowl Pasta until Sept. 13. A Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese Breadbowl Pasta has 730 calories, so adding a 357-calories-per-serving cake pushes the meal over 1,000 calories. R U Full yet?
Those with August birthdays also can get a free cake by presenting proof of your birthday at any Domino's outlet before the end of the month. Also, in honor of President Obama's birthday on Aug. 4, Washington, D.C. shops will be giving out free cakes to one and all on that day; no other purchase necessary.

The Lava Crunch will sell for $3.99 for two single-serving portions. The cakes are made in a facility that also handles peanuts and tree nuts, so those will allergies should take that into consideration.

The company's CEO told Reuters that he expects the cakes to be a "huge home run," but I have my doubts. For many of us, pizza is an indulgence, something we order as a treat. Are we likely to pile on another bit of self-indulgence? And how many of us are still hungry after devouring a pizza?

For the corporation, this is a shrewd move to expand its offerings with minimal downside risk. I presume preparing the cake requires no new equipment. It's portioned for easy delivery to the table or the home, and is offered at a price point that should yield a handsome net.

I'm just not sure if this is analogous to McDonald's adding coffee drinks (successfully, it seems), or Wendy's attempting to crack the breakfast market (twice, both times miserable failures). I'll have to find a friend born in August and share his free sample before I can come to a conclusion.,feedConfig,entry&id=602051&pid=602050&uts=1249317907
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