Snuggie's really going to the dogs


The cult hit infomercial product Snuggie -- the infamous blanket with arms -- has already come up with a kid version and now it's branching into the non-human market.

Meet Snuggie for dogs. Now your pooch can look as, or even more ridiculous than, his or her owner, as you walk together down the street adorned in matching outfits.

Wait, there's more. Not only do you get one Snuggie for Rover you get a second one free. OK, you still have to pay $14.95 to get the thing and another $7.95 shipping and handling. That's about $23.

Wait, there's still more. You also can get a recordable dog tag that allows the owner to record messages and tie them around their dog's neck. The possibilities are endless. "Yes, this is a Snuggie, Yes, I am a dog." "No, we're not in a cult, we just look like we are."