Free Movie Friday: Girl Power online

This week's addition of Free Movie Friday brings you a few online flicks with one thing in common: heroines with embeddable girl power. So gather some gal pals, pop some corn, and huddle around the screen for your weekend of free empowering female films online.

What's Your Point Honey?
Whoever said woman can't succeed in politics? This pointed documentary shows that while one woman may have put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, it's still a tough world out there for women in leadership. The film follows seven possible female contenders through their political ambitions, revealing that the grass ain't so green on Capitol Hill for the female sex.

One Day Like Rain
Fans of Donnie Darko or any clever teen angst story will love this indie film. When a 17-year old girl plots a metaphysical experimental intending to save the world, the results go awry and begin to haunt everyone involved.

The Watershed
Like the best of documentarians, filmmaker Mary Trunk decided to turn tragedy into art. She made a film about the survival of herself and her six siblings after losing both of their parents to alcoholism and divorce. It's a must-see film on the power of forgiveness.

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