'Do not pass Go, go directly to jail' has real meaning for one Monopoly player


You really can't blame the guy too much. After all, we're talking Park Place and Boardwalk.

Maybe you've heard, and maybe you haven't, but here's the gist of what we know. The news is just now breaking that last weekend, on Saturday night, a 54-year-old Michigan man, Kenneth Reppke, was playing Monopoly, the famed board game made by Parker Bros., with a female friend and things were apparently going fine -- until they hit a rough patch in the game and suddenly violence ensued.

Reppke either hit his friend on the side of the head or slapped her in the face. Either way, her glasses came flying off and broke.

She understandably called the police. Reppke was not allowed to collect his $200 when passing Go because he was taken to jail. Real jail.

One neighbor later quipped, "I guess he takes his Monopoly pretty seriously."