Covet, Get It: Funhouse Mirror

Stashed neatly in my busting-at-the seams "idea file" is this page from Vogue's May 2005 "Most Fashionable Ideas For Your Home" feature.

In it, designer Behnaz Sarafpour stands in a dainty party dress of her design, next to a simple-yet-dramatic vignette. When I look around at the color-pattern explosion that is my apartment, I often wish for this restraint: The mid-century buffet, the black-and-white box, the black laquer tray, those gorgeous orchids and most of all - that amazing mirror.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed Sarafpour's Funhousemirror designed by John Balough and Forrest Butler. A similar one turned up in designer Naeem Khan's home when it was published in Elle Decor and later the book So Chic. Khan designed his version as a headboard.

But with Sarafpour's running $1,170 to $3450 and Khan's a custom creation, I was left heading to Lowe's to experiment with constructing my own version. But I'm big on ideas and short on follow-through so that project has been shelved indefinitely. So my hopes were dashed until ...

voila! ...

CB2, that mod little sister of Crate & Barrel, cleverly whipped up an affordable doppelganger. Enter the Perspective Mirror, just $149.

I covet no more, my friends.

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