Ask the Dolans: Credit card raising my rate or closing my account

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Credit card companies may be close to becoming the most hated businesses on the planet. First they helped cause this financial crisis by lending to anyone who had a pulse. Then they shut off the credit spigot cold turkey causing a credit crisis. Now, in an effort to prevent further losses and drive up their profits, they are changing the terms on millions of credit cards.

Higher interest rates. Lower credit limits. Closing accounts. You are getting squeezed and potentially taking a hit on your credit score at the same time! Find out how credit card changes like these will impact your credit score.

Dear Ken and Daria,

I got a letter from my credit card company telling me they are going to increase the interest rate on my card. I can send them a letter saying I refuse, but if I do they will close the account. Will this impact my FICO score?

-- Mary

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