Trackle intends to keep track of everything for you

It won't keep track of your keys, but it seems to keep track of everything else.

I thought I'd mention Trackle, an interesting new Web site that I was recently made aware of.

If you feel overwhelmed with all of the information on the Web, and bookmarks aren't cutting it for you, Trackle aims to be the solution for those people.

After registering, they will track for you (and can send you reminders, or you can get everything in your in-box on the Web site) just about anything people would be interested in, from value of your house to low airfares to monitoring job postings in your area. And, yes, this is a free Web site.

Like with anything, I can see where this would be useful to some people --and useless for others. Plenty of individual sites track information for their customers, and for some people, that'll be enough.

But if you are overwhelmed, or just want a central place to track everything you're tracking, Trackle might be what you're looking for.

You can track swine flu information, stocks, the latest Harry Potter news (yeah, there's even a section for that), your horoscope or new photos on Flickr that you're interested in. They have sections that will track high pollen levels, Major League Baseball scores and crime in your neighborhood. it seems like a great tool for the compulsive and information obsessed.

That said, it is a new Web site, which might explain why, when I tried to track crime in my grandmother's neighborhood in Middletown, Ohio (a teen gang has been terrorizing elderly people there, I just learned), Trackle informed me that "crime data is not available for this locality."

So Trackle isn't all-encompassing, all-powerful yet. But it is worth exploring, and there does seem to be a lot of potential here -- for tracking everything like important aspects of your personal finances or your favorite time wasters -- like your favorite YouTube contributors.
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