McKinsey report: U.S. energy conservation could save $1.2 trillion


A new report out from the powerhouse consultancy McKinsey & Co. concludes energy efficiency is the easiest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money. Though this is old news, it may be the most comprehensive report to date on the subject, a hefty 165-page tome that you can download here. The numbers tossed around in this research are staggering.

The authors estimate the U.S. could save roughly $1.2 trillion in energy costs through 2020 based on a $520 billion investment in efficiency measures. If executed properly, this massive efficiency augmentation campaign would reduce U.S. energy consumption by 9.1 quadrillion BTUs (British thermal units) or by about 23 percent of projected demand. The enhanced efficiency could prevent up to 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gases from floating aloft each year. Trillions, quadrillions and gigatons.