Damage-Free Ways to Liven Your Walls: Wall Decals

No one likes to come home to a dull apartment. But if your landlord won't let you paint or wallpaper, brightening your room may seem unattainable.

But there's hope. To make sure your abode doesn't resemble a hospital room, here's an easy way to oomph up your digs.

Make a Statement with Vinyl Wall Decals
Vibrant wall decals add panache to lackluster walls. They're easy to apply and even easier to take off, so you can change your apartment's ambiance with the mood of the moment.

We suggest:dVider, a Brooklyn-based company specializing in vinyl wall decals. The folks at dVider produce eye-catching designs in bold colors, which span nine categories: nature, kids, animal, pattern, edgy, figure, mini, max and holiday, and always feature quirky art by various guest artists.

Why we love it: dVider stickers are not only funky and colorful but progressive, too. Just see their kissing Dutch girls/boys decals, available (for now) only via special order on the company's Facebook fan page. And to celebrate the first days of summer, they're offering a 20 percent discount on wall stickers until July 31, 2009 with promotion code dvsweetsummer20.

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