Continental tunes in and adds TVs to every seat


The legacy airlines are finally entering the 1990s: They are getting TVs at every seat.

In April, Continental quietly began installing DirecTV screens at every seat (something JetBlue has had since the start of this decade).

Right now, about 15 planes have the new entertainment option, but according to USA Today, Continental will have the feature on about 220 of its jets (almost its entire fleet) in about 18 months. That means soon, when you fly Continental Airlines, you'll have 77 channels to flip through, with the signal beamed to your jet from the ground.

The news doesn't only herald salvation for legions of bored and pop culture-deprived adult travelers (every episode of Discovery Health's "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" I have ever seen, I saw at 30,000 feet). It's also a godsend for parents of small children, who'll be able to simply switch on Cartoon Network when their kids start getting restless and noisy.