Because, you know, there just aren't enough articles about identity theft...


As if you needed another reminder that identity theft is still alive and well, I thought I'd give everyone a fresh example.

First National Bank in Howell, Michigan just had to deactivate approximately 2,300 debit cards because their account numbers may have been compromised, according to the Daily Press & Argus.

First National had heard of a hacker invasion in the computers at Heartland Payment Systems, a national credit and debit card company, which could potentially affect millions. So the company began routine monitoring of accounts. When it detected "...a pattern of suspicious activity relating to" some debit card customers.

Seems that about 10 bank customers lost some money -- although all have been reimbursed. In any case, just to be safe, the bank deactivated 2,300 accounts and issued new debit cards.

There's a lesson there -- about the importance of checking your bank account frequently -- but also it's a chance to say congratulations to First National Bank. There's so little goodwill toward banks these days, that it's nice to have a concrete example to share of a bank that's looking out for their customers.