Tips & Tricks: How to Play Bubble Town (and Other Bubble-Shooting Games)

Puzzle games like Bubble Town have come a long way since their origins in Bust a Move and Puzzle Bobble. The basic principle in these games is simple -- match three or more of the same bubble by shooting new ones from the bottom of the screen to the rows towards the top. Here are some tips and tricks that'll help you get through even the most difficult levels.

It's All About Reflection

Use the walls to your advantage! You can bounce shots off of the sides of the board to get bubbles into hard-to-reach areas. For the most part, bubbles will bounce off walls at the angle which it comes in contact with the wall (high school physics!).

Knock Down Multiple Bubbles With One Shot

While this is difficult to pull off at the very beginning of the game, you'll gradually begin to whittle away at sections of the board, leaving stalactites like the ones above. You'll not only clear away a few layers, but you'll earn extra bubbles to shoot (they'll fall down into the tube automatically).

Don't Always Go for the Easy Shot

Sometimes there's a really obvious shot that looks like the best option to take -- like in the screen above. Sure, you could hit that first row of three pink bubbles, but look higher -- there's a whole section of pink bubbles just waiting to get knocked down, and it'll even take care of the ones you were originally going to hit anyways! Since there's no timer, it won't hurt you to look around and consider your options, then set up your shot and go for it.

Know Your Powerups

There are five different powerups in Bubble Town that you can acquire by knocking them down from the top (they will automatically activate with the next shot):

  • Sureshot - gives you an aiming reitcule active for three turns that ensures your shot goes exactly where you want it to go.

  • BubbleBubble - turns all touching bubbles into the same color.

  • Hotfoot - clears a path through the bubbles.

  • Plunger - retrieves the bubble that it touches so you can use it on your next shot.

  • Wild - matches with any color on the board that it hits. If you plan ahead with your shots, you can maximize the powerup benefits you acquire!