Candice Bergen, Marlo Thomas and their wowOwow friends dish on whether or not to lend expensive things

The well known women at are stopping by WalletPop on a frequent basis to answer your spending and personal finance questions.

This week we asked them: How generous are you with your own possessions when it comes to your family? What about your friends? Would you lend a piece of jewelry? A car? A house? Where are your limits?

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candice bergenCandice Bergen: Of course I lend everything and my friends lend back. Especially in the old days. Ali MacGraw lent me a strapless Halston to wear to the Golden Globes in the days before we all had stylists and when I could still fit into her stuff ... I do not lend money ...

Marlo ThomasMarlo Thomas: I loan anything to my family and pals, provided they take care of it. But if they mess it up-in the words of George W, "If you fool me once shame on you. If you fool me can't uh ...get ...uh.. fooled"

cynthia mcfaddenCynthia McFadden
: I have loaned cars, houses, jewelry and clothes with pleasure. The results have always been happy. I have learned not to loan money, give it, or don't do it.

Judith Martin: Anything, as long as no one tries to sit at my desk. I even resent it when a member of the family is sitting there ...

Joan Ganz Cooney
: Where family is concerned I have no rules and lend whatever is needed; with friends and employees I have many times lent money.

Mary Wells
: I am not asked for anything except money or the use of a house. There has been only one thing I have resented - but it wasn't lending, it was being taken over. I had a little port at my house in France ... Every morning I would put down my blue and white beach towels. Within an hour strangers would be on them oiling themselves. I paid a hefty French tax for that little piece of cement ... is a website aimed at influential women over 40, much like its distinguished founders and contributors, which include Marlo Thomas, Lesley Stahl, Candice Bergen, Liz Smith, Joni Evans, Mary Wells and Whoopi Goldberg.
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