10 tips to avoid online travel scams


In almost 10 years of business, Ian Ford's online business of selling tickets to Disney World and other attractions has never had as many calls from customers as it is getting now. More people than ever are calling him directly to check out the validity of his website -- as they search for travel deals on the internet.

Not only is the recession driving more people to search online for deals -- including those who didn't need to save money by buying discounted Disney World tickets -- but more newcomers to Undercover Tourist are calling to ask about the trustworthiness of the site, Ford said in a telephone interview from his home in Austin, Texas, where he splits his time from his office in Florida.

For customers who ask how safe their money is with Undercover Tourist, Ford said he tells his employees to give the common sense response of having the customer talk to their friends and family and research his company before trusting it with their money.

"Don't rush into ordering from us if you don't have time," he said. "Take your time. Most scams have time-sensitive ordering requirements."

Here are 10 tips on how to avoid online scams from Undercover Tourist: